On you can buy CDs or vinyl from our own former store collection.
These are often copies that are difficult or no longer available.
The condition is as good as new (M).

After our store is closed M&M Multimedia / Music and Movies Drunen and That's Entertainment
we had a sales account on BOL.COM under the name CDSALE.
However, as of May 1, 2021, Bol has stopped this and we have started the sale via this site and we deliver from our home in Den Bosch.

In addition to new, this website also contains music that has been played (for example in the former shop), but all in new condition.

Purchased products can therefore not just be returned indiscriminately (unnecessary costs), there will always have to be a good reason for this.
You can rest assured that the offer will always be in very good condition, even if you want to give it as a gift
The codes on this website indicate the condition of the product.
We assume that you look carefully and know what you are ordering, so that it is always your conscious choice of purchase.
this means don't listen, and if you don't like it send it back. You can listen on spotify.

If you want to know more before you order, just send us a message Email

Delivery time is usually within a few days

Bert de Bel